Can love cross
an ocean?

The collective wisdom of generations of Caribbean economic migrants has led to the saying ‘Love and seawater don’t mix’ - six simple words which capture the inherent complexity of maintaining relationship bonds over distance.

Couples part ways, parents travel ahead of children, and loved ones are left behind. Over time memories fade. Phone calls and occasional packages sent across oceans in shipping barrels try to keep the love alive against a rising tide of forgetting.

Virtual Reality

Experience the world of migrant parents

As they adjust to life in a new country, focused only on providing for the children they leave behind in the care of others. Watch as they pack barrels filled with goods and treats for their children.

Explore the surreal landscape of their children's imaginations, littered with the physical and emotional debris created by being parented from a distance. Watch as the barrels arrive and the child dreams of their parents - the objects in the barrels their only source of inspiration.

Based on audio testimony from contributors in the Caribbean and the UK, Love and Seawater is a story of longing and belonging, that asks “Can love cross an ocean?

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